Saturday, April 12, 2014

In Lucid Dreams

Out of the wall of armed humanity that suddenly appears around them, a lone figure emerges.
It pauses momentarily before approaching what appears to be the Feds command operation under a flag of truce, to give one line of instruction to those behind:
"If they take me, unleash hell."
He produces a megaphone at about 20 feet from the bunker-like structure and begins to speak:
"I HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU, Greedy Papist 0bamminions surrounding the Bundy Ranch...
I Said, I have an offer for you:
Here are the Continental Army of the United States' Terms:
Lay down your weapons & march straight back to your bagel-munching Bol$hevik bastard bo$$es on Vall$chtreet, stopping at every American's home you pass to beg pardon & forgiveness for a hundred years of murder, rape & plunder...Do that, and you shall live.
Do it not, and every last one of you shall die today!"
On that, a couple burly officers scramble up to him but halt as he blasts aloud once more.
"And before we let you leave, your commanding officer must march out into the open, pull down his pants, put his head between his legs & kiss his own ass!"
As they gang-tackle him and wrestle him to the dusty ground, thunder such as has not graced this nation in a quarter-millenium is heard...
A shot heard 'round the world.


Bob said...


It would make a great movie starring maybe Ah-nold or Sylvester, but I'm afraid in real life combat helicopters would swoop in and turn everybody and everything into ashes. Drones would rain down hellfire missiles on anything moving.

That "army" had better acquire a bunch of stingers to take out those copters and drones before they start shooting.

What the hell... If all those 12th century ragheads around the globe can get them by the hundreds, we ought to be able to get a few of our own. After all, they belong to us... we paid for them.

As an aside, if the government starts sending in military personnel of any stripe(solders, pilots, etc.) to confront American citizens on American soil in what is a civil issue, those personnel will become enemies of the Republic the instant they take any sort of action against those citizens.

I personally believe that would apply to federal agents of all stripes also, because by their very presence, they violate States Rights.

Federal agents guarding the nations borders? Fine and dandy.

Federal agents assaulting an American citizen on his own property?

Illegal and unconstitutional.

Read and --->understand<--- the Constitution people. The feds have no authority to do what they are doing. They never did, never will, so long as the Constitution of the United States remains protected and observed, particularity by each and every serviceman, men who gave an oath to protect it.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You had a shaky start there, Bob...But ended very well!
The military largely despises the "REMFs" who just cut their pay so we can hand more money to the Khazar$, so it'd be VERY Fucking interesting to see what would become of DHS, FPS, NSA & the rest of Comrade $oros' BanKhazArmy if "shit gets CRAZY".
Galt-in-Da-Box stands with the Sons of Liberty & OathKeepers who have stepped up to answer Bundy's call.

Not another Waco!
Not one more Ruby Ridge!