Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bullshit Issue Disorder

Working with those with mental disabilities has helped me formulate the following hypothesis:
A common trait among those so afflicted is repetitive sound, speech or action, and that has led me to wonder if there is a type of autism-spectrum disorder that afflicts those whose minds have been damaged by so-called "higher education" (Indoctrination). For example - Right-wing talking heads exhibiting repetitive sound-speech: "WAR ON TERROR!!! 9-11!!! BENGAZI!!!" Left-wing talking heads doing same "GLOBAL WARMING!!! GLOBAL WARMING!!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!" We've all suspected something amiss with the propaganda industry as a whole for quite some time, now, and this could very well be the heart of the matter!
What do YOU think?


Bob said...


Nobody is taught to think anymore. Logic, critical thinking... out the window.

Nowadays what is taught is idea that what we feel is what is important.

When somebody says "I think..." what they;re actually saying is "I believe...".

Thinking requires thought... data, information, investigation.

Believing requires only propaganda that makes you feel good. No facts are necessary.

Want to blame somebody? Look to the NEA and the pitiful schlocks we call teachers today.

Oh yes... blame ourselves also. We we the soundly sleeping gatekeepers that let these cretins in.

Bob said...
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