Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Week's Headlines

Published this story last Tuesday via social media, but since then the KHAZARistocracy on "FacePlant/sit-on-my-Facebook" & most Establishment sources have been actively suppressing it.
The practical upshot is that we are now living in a de facto dictatorship. The most dangerous President in American history can now imprison American citizens with or without cause, without due process nor counsel, and hold them indefinitely, anywhere in the world. The only sane conclusions to be drawn here, are that treason is now Federal policy. This is an act of war against the People of The United States, and deserves to be dealt with as such.
Galt-in-Da-Box has only been saying these sonsofbitches are Communist for about 30 years now, but it was nice of Papa Frank (or is that "Comrade Francis", now?) to open his piehole & remove all doubt Thursday. Thanks, Your HELLiness, but we already guessed this one from the Vat2 transcripts, "liberation" theology bloodshed in Central & South America, Hugo Chavez & Fidel Castro eating The Whore out during various addresses before the UN and on TV...
...and in fact, several thousand other obvious clues over the years!
As the country continues to deteriorate thanks to 13 years of mindbogglingly stupid decisions & piss-poor leadership, it is clear nobody is going to stand up for We The People but each and every American individual. If you do not own and comfortably know how to handle a firearm, yesterday would not be too soon to start changing that. Have a contact person to touch base with daily & stay connected to your friends, so if you "disappear" all of a sudden, you will be noticed.
You have to take it as a given that you are not gonna hafta go after them; they are getting ready to come after you, especially if you are white, Anglo-Saxon & Protestant, or of European descent. If you are still walking around "naked" by Monday, and belong to this group, you are not using your brain. I highly recommend you not only conceal-carry (or open carry if its legal in your state) but that you have more firepower in your vehicle, even more at home, and if you can acquire same and ammunition "under the radar", you do so post haste: A hardened target is much less of one.
The type of vermin we are talking about by and large do not come out boldly in broad daylight, they use tricks, subterfuge & cover of darkness. No-knock raids, early-morning kidnappings, invitations to parties from those you do not know, etc. Taking plebes from their businesses or places of employment is not uncommon. You have to expect the unexpected.
The gradual erosion of Fourth Amendment protection & current daily onslaught upon the Second are indicators of what they fear most. You know your home better than they do. If you do not wish to keep & bear, develop defences that will hinder the use of firearms against you. Some of you may be proficient in martial arts, and the rise of tactical shops give you the option of armor rather than guns.
If it comes down to a fight, make sure you are prepared to win or die, because the last thing on Earth you want to do is be taken alive by militant communists.


Bob said...


None of us can do much alone.

But be careful. One of your neighbors is a government spy.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

But be careful. One of your neighbors is a government spy.""

The inherent flaws of all forms of collectivism:
1.No leader can know everything.
2.A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
3.Modern society is about half "weak links".
Thanks, but I'll stick with someone I trust: ME.