Friday, June 13, 2014

A Mixed Bag

The pussification of America continues apace:
Newsflash to the fat blond ski-ramp-nosed cuntovich who founded that abomination to shelter her ill-gotten gains: The next "civil unrest" will be started by the same party that brought you the Civil War, because they are in power now & don't want to give it up.
It will be put to bed with a pick and shovel by loyal, communism-hating citizens!

TODAY ENGLAND, Tomorrow USA? Keep importing TURD-WORLD & see...Vox Day gives US an all-too-probable glimpse at the future as low-grade foreigners remake Brit city in their image:

Just doing the Political Math:
1. Majority of Republicans are Papist (72% according to Gallup)...+
2. Guy running Roman CULT is Openly COMMUNIST...=
3. How much do you HONESTLY Expect anything to change by replacing 0bama/KILLary with ANOTHER Communist who just happens to have an (R) behind their name? My answer: NOT VERY DAMN, Atleast For the BETTER...that's why I am voting Libertarian.

"WHAT CHANGED" Is we let the whackjobs out of the nut-houses & put them on flimsy tethers of psychotrophic drugs for Big KHAZARma and the profit of DocKhazar...
THAT is WTF "changed!!"

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texlahoma said...

Or...They use to never have staged shootings, designed to undermine the second amendment.