Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not My Problem

If you have any brains, you won't make it mine, either.
That's Galt-in-Da-Box's policy when it comes to dopers, drunkards, perverts, gamblers, and other "undocumented"  losers who chronically and habitually never even attempt to use their heads & get their excrement congregated. I have resorted to this position as a form of non-lethal self-defense, having come out of a bead-fingering, idol-worshipping family - and neighborhood, of same - that evermore (because of a responsibility-avoiding heresy known as fatalism) retreat to such things as "luck/chance/fate/the breaks/who you know/UP TO GOD/iffith it beeith Thy Willith, 0 Lordith/I can't because/whitie-be-alway-mothafuckin-pickin-awn-me" or Some OTHER cop-out when called on the carpet about their actions...or more accurately, LACK thereof.
If you get the impression I'm ranting, it's because I am!
The latest form this bullshit attitude has taken the shape of is a game leftists play we call "Blame The Gun". Bill Maher, Piers Morgan, and the rest of you extremely-overpaid lying bastards who carp this garp for the Synagogue of Satan, listen up: You are WORSE than the losers I've listed above. The overwhelming majority of the lazy, dishonest, irresponsible bastards this rant began with, behave the way they do because that's "how the twig was bent"; the human refuse that raised and spoon-fed them that lame, ignorant-ass "one true church" dreck. Jewsmedia propagandists, not so much: You know better, YOU KNOW that You Fucking Know better, and are deliberately and intentionally moving the "liberation theology" deceits that parallel the paradigm of the nihilist, money-and-power-lusting KHAZARistocracy...FUCK YOU! Don't like the Second Amendment? Don't own a gun, or use the CONSTITUTIONAL Amendment process - or Best Yet, pack your shit and get the fuck out. You had better hope and pray to the devil spirits you worship that there is no hell, because you lying, traitor sacks of shit are going to find out. Those of you out there "making lists and checking 'em twice" of lawless, valueless, worthless motherfuckers to be zilched once the Khazar-Papist cabal starts ANOTHER civil war - this time from inside the government instead of by shelling Fort Sumner as they did last time - PLEASE be sure to add the talking heads with anti-Second-Amendment homilies to your housecleaning schedule.
Now back to our regularly scheduled program: There's a particular bitch I know, who is never sober or off the dope, losing everything she has, and constantly whining about it on social media. She is a relative, but has been given chance after chance to get out of the spiraling deathstyle she obviously loves. Another incident is my own brother who remains in denial about whatever hidden issue he has that is keeping him destitute, and thus remains in a similar downward spiral. Then there's the "other white meat": The degreed, professional loser that FEEEEEELS using their degree in some way outside the Establishment prescription is evil, the multi-level marketing SCAM is the get-rich-quick gateway to instant success, and is guilt-tripping me for not buying into that foolishness. If you WILL NOT Control Your Mind & direct your life to a better goal, you don't deserve ANY Kind of help at all. It's that simple! Now all you "educated, enLIEtened" socialistic/spiritualistic altruists that are gasping in shock out there because I REFUSE TO BE AN can Click Your Heels Together Three Times & FUCK.RIGHT.OFF. I've listened to enough of your whining, simpering, excuse-laden Kantian sermons from your lofty ivory towers of inherited Khazar wealth to know you don't know what the hell you are talking about. You never climb down off the whited sepulchre & put your money where your mouth is, because if you did, you would know From DEAR-BOUGHT Experience that socialism doesn't work: Until they hit rock bottom, there's no hope whatsoever that they will wake up. When you "come to yourselves", take responsibility for your fucked-up life and kick the devil spirits out, feel free to contact me!
Anyone who values what they have, and appreciates those who are truly endeavoring to live a life that is more abundant by having the resources to assist, similarly seeks to cut loose the deadweight.


texlahoma said...

The overwhelming stupidity of people that want to take away rights that apply to themselves is mind boggling.
So hopelessly brainwashed that they can't see that all of our right are precious, whether you use them or not.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

After a certain amount of it though tex, I won't put up with it...ESPECIALLY from Those Who DAMN well Know Better!
They deserve no sympathy nor compassion whatsoever.