Sunday, July 13, 2014

Domestic Terrorism Threat

It's what each and every politician in this meme, as well as their Khazakh owners, aught to be considered.
Every one of them has done more harm to this country since 11SEP2001 than anyone previously...then there is

This lot of thieving bastards - the owners mentioned previously. When TSHTF, when the Johnny-Reb party starts ANOTHER Civil War, this time from inside our government rather than by firing on an American fort, these motherfuckers should be considered Primary Targets: The first enemy threats to be neutralized.
Take a good look at Detroit, Michigan & Gaza. 
That is the future the JEW World Order (a/k/a Zionism) has planned for "feckink impudent goyim uzveks!!!" like you and me.
As many of their own as they have murdered over the last century to get where they are now (eliminating resistance within the community), you don't really believe they have any qualms about 25 million or more Americans, do you?

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