Thursday, July 3, 2014

Figure It Out...

...with a communist in the Vatican, another one in the White House, and three million a year wetbacking in for free bees:

1. Papist fanatics invade the continent 400 years ago.
2. They murder everyone who won't convert to Vaticanism or submit to its tyranny & completely destroy their cultures while stealing everything they have, because Papists love war & war generates debt.
3. Four hundred years later after indebting the nation through endless, stalemate quagmire police-actions, we have a Papist-indebted & infested FedGov that is letting them into the country, keeping them on the kind of military bases where training goes on, and militarizing the police, all the whiles enabling atheistic socialist UEMFs who rant constantly about Gun Control...
Figure it out!
For help, Google/bing "SPANISH INQUISITION"

HINT: There never was a "war on terror", unless you want to count the wars they start & the terrorism they create!
Sleep well on those thoughts...and then WAKE UP Pondering This-
An INCONVENIENT truth rejected by warmonging GeOPapists like Rove & Cheney, to say nothing of the 0bammunists they enable:
Constitutionally speaking, FedGov is not supposed to have a standing army (founding fathers didn't want US controlled by & constantly fighting brave new police-actions around the world for banKHAZAR & the Roman CULT, like every Empire in Europe they had built and bankrupted). If you whore out for The Whore, you end up getting screwed - which explains the pathetic state of Veterans' Affairs & those who've been carefully lured into dependence on that system...
If I have to choose between the military-industrial complex - the catalyst for all Khazar-Papist cabal TYRANNY - and the Second Amendment, I come down SOLIDLY, hands-down & Without Apology with the Second Amendment!

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billy pilgrim said...

obama's no communist. he's a greedy capitalist through and through.

at least that's the view from up north although i know lots of canadians who buy into his liberal act.