Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Greatest Prank...

...Quite possibly in human history

"For more than 200 years, treasure hunters have been lured to Oak Island, a lush, 140-acre piece of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, where a hole dubbed the “Money Pit” promises a bounty of hidden wealth—if they can reach it.

This tireless stream of explorers—including Franklin Delano Roosevelt—has come fully armed with gold-detecting, water-pumping, and earth-scanning machines. But, so far, the millions poured into this quixotic search for buried treasure have yielded no gold, just a handful of tantalizing clues that are convincing enough to inspire new followers to come and try their luck…until they, too, unfailingly blow through their financing and return home empty-handed."

I remember TV shows about this from a kid, & a friend gave this book about it, that attempts to link Oak Island to the Knights Templar - a shadowy little clandestine group rumored to be protecting the descendants of Jesus Christ, Solomon's treasure & the kitchen sink. It all sounds a bit like everything people say about the Illuminati, and most of that is horseshit, too.
This little escapade is the perfect trap for the greedy, as Galt-in-Da-Box sees it. The obvious clues that, if anything was down there, it's long ago gone, fall into place in the first wild goose chase. Whoever built this gigantic Chinese finger puzzle had a practical understanding of how shit like Stonehenge & pyramids were built. After they recovered their treasure, they left a few, relatively-worthless trinkets behind to tantalize wealthy, greedy fucks who might be after a few million more quick bucks, then rolled it back down the way they dug it up, only with flood traps & other middle-finger goodies to muck up the works while keeping the marks hooked.
The real treasure is long ago spent, and sooner or later someone's gonna throw away a cool trillion to get all the way down the shaft and find a few scraps of parchment, some scrap gold chains - and a big red herring!


texlahoma said...

I can understand the attraction though.
As a kid I was always keeping an eye out for a place that outlaws may have buried or stashed their loot.
There were a lot of tales about that sort of stuff, mostly from someone's imagination I'm sure.

billy pilgrim said...

as a canadian, i've never heard of it. must be tourist promotion deal.