Saturday, August 30, 2014

Darwin Award Winner

This blue-ribbon dumbass sailed right to the #1 slot, with nobody else even close:

Shooting instructor Charles Vacca was showing a nine-year-old girl how to shoot an uzi with fully automatic capability on Monday when he tragically lost his life.

The nine-year-old was clearly having difficulty shooting the firearm when she lost control of it in full automatic mode and killed the shooting instructor at a gun range in White Hills, Arizona.

Vacca instructed the girl how to shoot in single-shot mode, and then switched to burst. She clearly had trouble controlling the weapon. Vacca’s final chilling words: “Alright, full auto.”

The first rule of operating any machine is to be smarter than it is. Following logically from that, if you are not smarter than the machine, you have no business attempting to teach others how to operate it!
John Wayne said it best:
"Life is's harder if you're stupid!"


Bob said...


If I saw someone giving a nine-year-old girl an Uzi the first thing I would do is vanish.

billy pilgrim said...

i still think it's a hoax.

texlahoma said...

Hey, wow, I'm with Billy on this one. Probably more gun control tricks.
A whole lot easier to pull of than a large scale one like Sandy Hoax.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

All of you capture a piece of truth here.
Word on the street is the cops want to charge her ignorant fuck parents with criminal negligence.
I want to slap the living fuck out of them myself!
Jesus H. tap dancing Christ people are stupid!!!

Bob said...

Tap dancing Christ?

Now there's something I have never envisioned, nor in 75 years.

Bob said...


Perhaps a hoax?

Definitely within the realm of possibility.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

A much more manageable hoax than Shady Hoax/Jewtown, CT.
*Puts on best Andy Rooney*
Ya ever notice how almost all the UEMFs who want to grab our guns are "godschosen" RU$$IAN$?
I wonder why that is (OR NOT!!!)?