Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Evening Repost: Rowdy in Missouri

Stumbled upon this priceless opine over at Vox Day's place on the comment threads, and it explains too much about the Ferguson clusterfuck:

"This is going to sound like I'm making this up, but I'm not. The facts just line up neatly. I guess this anecdote was meant to be:

I had a neighbor, when I was an apartment dweller, who went out and got herself a big, 
rowdy dog. It was a vicious breed, too.

After the neighbors continued to complain about the dog romping around barking all night, making huge deposits on the walkways and parking lots, rummaging through trash cans, tappin' da bitches, and knocking down little kids and our resident Old Lady With Brittle Bones, the management told Owner to get Rowdy under control, get rid of him, or be evicted.

Owner did try, or thought she did, but she was much too soft-hearted, and in next to no time, Rowdy went from his obedience school training right back to playing Knockout with Old Lady With Brittle Bones. When people confronted her, she snapped back that he was a rescue dog and they couldn't expect him to act like privileged dogs who'd been in good homes from puppyhood. (No, seriously, she said that, with a straight face.)

One day, a cute little dog everyone loved was found mauled to death. Everyone looked at one probable culprit.

I moved out before the complete fallout, but it was ugly all around. Little kids stopped playing on the playgrounds, Old Lady no longer went for her morning constitutional (not even with her son, who lived there as well), and some of the men were talking shotgun. Owner was just offended, OFFENDED, that anyone could blame her little fur-baby, Rowdy, and was threatening to sue anyone who did anything to him. Management was contemplating going back to a no-pets situation.

I know that any member of any population, being human, can exert self-control and not be Rowdy, but if they won't, you have to treat them like Rowdy. And double shame on those who bring Rowdy people in, don't socialize them properly, and expect everyone to let them go on being Rowdy without consequences. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that.)"

While I understand the concerns about police militarization, and have nothing to say against those opposing it - have in fact been in opposition of it for years - it should go without saying that, the best way to create criminals ever devised by government, is to replace the man as head of household with endless welfare gimmes and a bitch that squanders them. For the benefit of those who haven't added anything to the discussion for years but screams of "RACIST!!!", you tell me: Is the real issue color or culture.
Perhaps CULTure is a better way to put it, in light of Jackson, Sharpton & Wright's erroneous, "liberation theology" contributions to the degradation of race interaction going the 0bama regime. These whited sepulchres and thousands more just like them are responsible for the disposition of many "ghetto" areas in this country. The anti-Caucasian, anti-success gospel of communism they preach keeps their congregations subjugated, while they collect six and seven-figure incomes from Khazar communists like Soros for preaching collectivist bondage. They keep the welfare rolls full and feed off of them too, as the poison they propound keeps young people on their plantation, never to run away and explore education, personal development & individual achievement.
The result - in fact, the desired product - is kids like Michael.
Call it "post-birth abortion", the selective elimination of goyim who look too much like the Hebrews whose identity the matrix-runners stole 300 years ago. Hell, the left didn't care at all about the situation of black people in America
until one of their bagel-munching "freedom writer" Bolsheviks got killed! Then all of a sudden (we're supposed to believe) over 150 years of Democrat racism so fanatical they started a war to defend it...never happened. Look up the Senators & Reps that opposed Civil Rights in the 1960s, and you find few of them were Republican and NONE were libertarian. That's not something new!
Or unique.

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texlahoma said...

Interesting, thought provoking post, I like the way you wrapped it up at the end.