Monday, August 11, 2014

Tipson-Leykis Report

If there's anyone out there not into saving money, you might want to get your head examined!
For the benefit of the rest of US, Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to pass along the fruits of Mike Tipson's research which might be as helpful to you as they have been at this end. A key part of saving is NOT GETTING PLUNDERED, and Tom Leykis shared this link that may DEFINATELY save your ass in that regard, as untrustworthy as "sit-on-my-FaceBook" is becoming (I had to uninstall their app from my IPhone because of the hacking, viruses & trouble it was allowing). This being "money Monday" you might want to save some dough after you give The Professor a listen at 3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern at


billy pilgrim said...

dump the iphone, that's save a few kopeks.

texlahoma said...

I finally did something right, never went in for the facebook or any of that. It's crazy in this small town, it really drives the division in people on the petty little issues that come up.
Maybe Ratbook or Back-stabbook would be a better name for it around here.

I get paid every two weeks - first week - money to burn - second week - pinching pennies.
If only I could put that second week mentality into my first week, I might be able to get somewhere.