Friday, September 26, 2014

Does College Pay?

Of "faith-based" Acceptance & Higher Education's quality.
If you're a cracker-jack football player or top-notch free-throw shooter they pay well under the table, NCAA bullshit notwithstanding. "What makes your college worth $70,000 a year?" It's a hard question for a university president to answer (and unfortunately, one not enough would-be educated are asking) especially when raised by prospective students...Even more so if posed by their checkbook conscious parents. The answer is more often Madison-Avenue political than substantial: Much self-gloss about admissions standards, high graduation rates, small classes & alumni satisfaction. A harder question should interrupt this eloquent litany: "But what evidence is there students LEARN MORE At your school!?" As the fancy suit fumbles for reply, hems and haws, one gathers the impression quality of the alleged "Ivy League" is largely a matter of faith...quite possibly merely one of sentimentality or tradition (It's Galt-in-Da-Box's opine that, once you resort to "That's the way We've ALWAYS Done it!" as argument, you've largely marginalized your position).
Schools NEVER talk about Occupy Wall Street; of the teaming hoardes who run up massive debt for a degree in Green Chinese Pottery or Transgender Studies and graduate to a non-extant market, or never graduate at all!
It's what happens when non-market forces - read that GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS - make higher education easy to get, thereby lowering its value: Credentialling replaces educating ~ the admissions exam is traded for a toll-free number and a Pell Grant. Something not-so-easy to get is out of the Massive DEBT-load per student that results from the sales pitch to get something you may never use and that may have no genuine value or be obsolete by the time it's completed...
Which may have been the Establishment's goal all along!


billy pilgrim said...

like everything else - caveat emptor.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Oh, we've just scratched the surface on that point...Stay tuned!
You ain't seen NUTHIN' Yet.