Monday, September 8, 2014

Is Windows Busted?

"HATE.1" may have been Microsoft's last stand, which they fucked up...Here's why.
1.Why pay over $400 for the tired old nag when you can get a hot, fast, Linux- based racing thouroughbred for free?
2.Android Kitkat~a quarter-million compatable apps & counting, Windows 8.1? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *ROFPMPLMMFAO* Yeah, right!!!
3.COMPACT, needs half a gig of ram to run from a DVD or thumbdrive, not constantly playing with itself on an archaic mechanical hard drive!
4.Android was built to burn on a chip & run smaller, faster machines, so it should be a godsend for desktop, whereas I have yet to see a release of Windows that was efficient, compact & ready to run "out of the box"!
5.Android phones & tablets have taken over the market Windows has just gotten off to a half-assed start in, and Apple is only beginning to consider climbing over its walled garden to look at - with Jobs gone & Cook an amateur at best, it's only going to get uglier for The Old School from here.
Need I go on?

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texlahoma said...

Thanks, I've got to check into this. My poor old computer has just about had it. Time for something else.