Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ron Paul Advertising

How NOT to market the perfect product:
Give it a name that smacks of apocalyptic cannibalism, and package like an MRE (in this case we're talking Meals Rejected by Ethiopians)!
Just as Ron Paul desperately needed some professional help from Madison Avenue and Peggy Noonan during his unsuccessful Presidential runs, this outfit could have gone a better direction with its nutritional supplement that conjures up images of Charleton Heston's bloody fingers waving high above a gurney. Notwithstanding, as strident testimony to the fact there are those who'd eat ShitOnAStick if it was battered, deep-fried, chocolate-covered or some combination thereof, the bizarre, "food like substance" company appears to be gaining market-share:

"Rob Rhinehart conceived of Soylent while living in San Francisco, a realm where gastronomical Luddites grow as thick as Iowa corn. But Rhinehart was a member of the city's other major cash crop-he's a 25-year-old techie. A crowdfunding campaign that raised over $1.5 million underwrote Soylent's initial development. Four venture capital firms, including Andreesen Horo­witz, have provided an additional $1.5 million in seed capital. To date, demand for the product has exceeded expectations. New customers, according to Soylent's website, should currently expect to wait 10-12 weeks to receive their first shipment. If you're really hungry, in other words, you may be able to get a table at the hottest restaurant in your city more easily than you can get your hands on some Soylent. Or if you really can't wait, look to eBay, where Soylent speculators are flipping their supplies to the highest bidder. In June, a one-month supply with a retail price of $300 fetched $555."

Only time and indigestion will tell if this is "the next big thing" or a fad, but if the slop has shelf-life, survivalists & preppers might float Soylent Cuisine above the lackluster American economy...
At least until the bottom falls out!

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