Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Parasite Parade

ASSHOLE Of The Year:
If your doctor's piehole is stuck on "Come back in ein kopla veekz, ve'll ran zomoah teztz!" and he seems to feel you're just another $300/month prescription from improvement; you are more than likely dealing with Dr. Douchebag, and paying for the fucking Khazakh's mansion, yaght & 'Benz rather than your own better health.

LIE-Onardo On Seasons & Summer...
Designer cause/ethical fad-adoption is generally a glaring sign an actor is a has-been fighting obscurity and begging for the attention of a world that's moved on, as DeCapprio proved. Isn't it amazing how almost all the Fried Earth Club's chief wailers are wealthy 1%ers? Moving Veldt$chtaat jingoism is a great way for the already filthy rich to get filthy richer via KHAZonoraria.

"VERK HARDA, Goyim Daghz...Ah needz mah corprate welfayah!"
And finally, hat-tip to Vox Day for pulling back the curtain to show how technology is being used (against the working) to make the world a better place for BanKHAZAR$

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texlahoma said...

We aren't suppose to notice what hypocrites these celebrities are, we're just suppose to jump on board whatever "cause of the day" they endorse, because they were once successful.