Sunday, October 5, 2014

From West Africa... Dallas, your neighborhood?

Fucking moron was, by all accounts "very friendly and sociable"...
Galt-in-Da-Box poses the question, Who needs suicide bombers!? We're very comforted by the fact (retardo) Rick Perry claims "the situation is under control" - which is usually bureaucratese for "I'm getting the hell out of here and calling in a nuclear air strike. Fuck this shit!" - that just gives me a warm fuzzy...or not. It'll be "under control" until motherfuckers start dropping dead in large numbers! Check out related articles on the link. How many got exposed on the plane, in the airport, while his raghead ass was 'troling Da Hood... UNBELIEVABLE!
Nothing's locked down, little's been cleaned up, and the fucking Obammunists have been letting Christ only knows how many of these third-worlders into the country, being ever so Politically Correct &  MONGRELIZED...uh, "multicultural", yeah, that's never check the health records. We wouldn't want to offend the Disease Carrying Community, after all, especially the African lot, lest PMSNBC and comrades Al & Jessie start playing the worn-out race card again.
If we all end up dead, at least we won't have made those who live in filth, overbreed, and spread disease mad at US, and can rest in peace on that point.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, I kind of look at this two different ways, neither one conflicts with your point of view.

Wise old Obama is sending 4000 troops into the hot zone to "Combat the spread of Ebola" then those soldiers will come back home and spread Ebola.

But what I really think is that it's all hyped up in the U.S. to get the Bill Gates funded (invested) vaccine into everyone.
If the numbers don't add up with voluntary shots, they can always make it mandatory. Maybe the H1N1 was a kind of dry run to test the waters for Ebola. I bet there's a nasty little surprise in the vaccine that will "help" reduce the population much more safely (for the elite) than actually releasing an air-born Ebola virus that could possibly mutate.

Bob said...

The answer is simple.

Obama hates white males and everything they have accomplished in the last 250 years.

He's a Muslim, no question.

His goal is to destroy white America, take over what ever is left, and to enslave the white race forever.

If there is another reason for all his treasonous, traitorous and anti- everything white actions, I'd like to hear it.

He should be tried, convicted and then exiled to one of his Muslim countries he admires so much.

I, for one, am through giving him any slack. He in not an American. He should not be president.

He should not even be in this country.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

My only question is, how many goyim are the KHAZAristocracy going to kill off with this engineered bioweapon before they "miraculously" produce an antigen?
I bet cocksuckers like Soros, Gates & Rockefeller are already inoculated and salivating over the prospect of increased inflation & prices for the surviving wage-slaves.