Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grand Old Trainwreck

GeOPapists planning to fuck themselves over Yet AGAIN!
There's an old joke about a kid who swallowed a half-dollar. His parents rush him to the ER & a little while later, after giving him a laxative, the doctor asks the nurse how the boy is doing. She turns to the doctor and says "No change yet!" At least no change for the better that CFN has detected. Ya ever notice how, just when you think the bought-and-paid-for, grotesquely out of touch, American political process can't possibly suck any harder than it's all-the-chrome-off-a-trailer-hitch norm, it suddenly does?

1 comment:

texlahoma said...

Lol, no change yet!

OMG! I thought you might be exaggerating, I followed the link, you might be understating.

Train wreck is right and don't tell me there are no skeletons in that closet, I bet there are some over there by the dresses and size 11 high heels.