Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nation Of Leeches

Many still speak of an imminent economic collapse, but Galt-in-Da-Box is dubious the corruptocracy of Khazar-Papist cabal will be anxious to kill off the golden goose of white-slavery:
Student loan debt feeds the banKHAZAR$ in particular & the indoctrination KHAZAri$tocracy as well, which is why nothing will be done to help the suckers who bought into the "Education" scam, Mr. Cuban. There's not a single one of these "bubbles"/public assistance boondoggles that has not been engineered as a transfer of taxpayer money from government to bagel-munching Bol$heviks, all under the religious delusion the Papist robbers and plunderers will somehow get "blessed" for fellating "godschosen" RU$$IAN$. Easy/free money-whether it's welfare, student loans, inheritance or "free/cheap health insurance" (LMFAO!!! yeah, right!) NEVER accomplishes anything else, in the long-run. If you need more evidence or suffer lingering doubts that continuing to feed the KHAZAristocracy on the backs of the taxpayers is a mindbogglingly stupid idea, check this out.
If there is an economic collapse, thank the Whore of Babylon infesting our government & the Synagogue of Satan that owns them.


billy pilgrim said...

is this the grand opening you were talking about?

texlahoma said...

Interesting way to look at it, you've got a good point.