Sunday, October 19, 2014

White Elephant Sale

What the facts actually indicate is that government has no business protecting, prohibiting & otherwise promoting this ancient - and archaic - form of slavery.
Galt-in-Da-Box dares to opine that, if an individual's sense of commitment is so feeble that it requires rings, a fancy piece of paper, religiopolitical ritual & other elaborate vanities to prop it up, none of those things will help ~ a position evidenced by the reality more than half of modern American marriages end in divorce, and now 80% of those divorces initiated by a gold-digging femin$tazi. Homogamy advocates & other OMFR Khazar$ desiring to rewrite the laws of nature for their own profit strongly disagree, never letting facts get in the way of a good bullshit story: One dressed to the nines with lofty, sugary talk of romance, under which sits the 800# gorilla of sinecure-seeking, tax-dodging and a desperate, perversion-driven longing for legitimacy where none normally nor naturally exists. Gay marriage was legalized in Canada, whereupon a little over 400 same-sex couples raced to the altar (in a nation of 60 million), then the numbers fell off a cliff into obscurity. In a Gallup poll, while nearly half of Americans agreed with homogamy (for those of you in Miami-Dade county, Florida...that means gay marriage), less than 4% of the GLBT community as a whole expressed any interest in it whatever. As the numbers reveal this is a campaign more Astroturf than grassroots - common the pulp of KHAZAristocracy and the incriminating fingerprint of globalism. CFN holds the position that partnerships are the business of partners, not politicians: Were government power-seekers & Vall$chtreet merchants of the earth removed from the equation, almost no controversy would exist at all. Personal experience has brought this writer in contact with homosexual couples who have been together for decades and allegedly-"normal" ones who can't stand to be in the same room for three minutes, let alone married, lest a slanging, slapping match rivaling World War 2 ensue. With few exceptions outside The Household, marriage for the common man is an engraved invitation to a life of destitution and misery, a grant of infinite power over his life to ignorant, emoting little girls trapped in full-grown women's bodies, and an assurance any unfortunate children involved will have little to no stable home or happiness. Contra the assertions of our esteemed colleagues at Reason Magazine, it is not only possible but probable that many homosexual couples are doomed to discover the best two ways to ruin a friendship:
1. Move in with that friend.
2. Get government involved in the ruination.
They will discover through the horrors of experience that what was sold to them about love was all about lucre; that the profit of lawyers and religious looters his behind the wedding vows; that sentimentality run amok carries a hefty price - one they may not be able or willing to afford. They may well learn too late they - as the rest of US - have been sold at best, a white elephant; the "flag-burning!!!" bullshit issue of the 21st Century!
I fear all to greatly neither the Papist myth of societal ruin, nor the Khazar fairytale of homogamous bliss and bennies, rather that the harm that has been done half the so-called "straight" participants in this foolishness will be visited on others much less prepared for these unpleasant realities.


Bob said...

400 out of 60 million.

That puts the face of reality on the whole dog and pony show.

400 out of sixty million. Just goes to show how damned dumb and stupid we have been to let them run the show, make the rules, and decree the punishments.

Shove those 400 into a hole somewhere and cover it up. The 60 million will not morn their loss. They won't even notice it.

Then fix the laws so they once again make a little sense.

Bob said...

morn - mourn.


texlahoma said...

"if an individual's sense of commitment is so feeble that it requires rings, a fancy piece of paper, religiopolitical ritual & other elaborate vanities to prop it up, none of those things will help"


I wholeheartedly agree.

billy pilgrim said...

there aren't 60 million people in canada. (unless there's 25 million mexicans hiding in the woods)

Bob said...

Quit arguing the little stuff.

The fact remains that those 400 (or so), along with their soulmates in America and England, France, Etc., have been allowed to turn society upside down with their long lists of ridiculous demands.

They want to marry? Become rump rangers or colon commandos? Do they yearn for a lickfest every weekend? I could care less. Go for it.

Don't worry,I won't be anywhere near the action, or make a fuss so long as they act decently in public.

But leave of rest of us out of their little crowd of deviant activity partners and quit pushing for unearned advantage over us.

Like it or not, the prime directive for every human on earth is survival of the species.

Homosexuality, same sex marriage, lesbianism, all that sort of human activity goes directly against that and is then by definition not natural, an undesirable lifestyle to most of humanity.

It is actually a good thing they have come out of closet. No longer needing to pretend to be normal, there is no socially generated pressure on them to try to live in a typical marriage scenario, having and raising children.

Now, the defective genes or DNA, or whatever it is that causes this sort of conduct will die out with them.

As they die out without offspring, the rate of their reproduction will be less than one, and they will fade into the mists of history.

The world could actually be only a generation or two away from having to learn what they were and how they lived only from the history books.

All the rules and laws and regulations and penalties on earth will not keep this from happening.

Have a bit of patience, brothers. We will eventually be able to walk away laughing, or shaking our heads, or crying, your choice - as they and their contrarian behavior - become only memories.

Like I said, the numbers are actually the little stuff.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Holy fuck, mean it's Less than 40 million?
The last census data I had said 60M, but that was from 2000 - plenty of time for people to leave... or die off.
One of the reasons we pretty much threw open the gates here is that the Boomers (largest generation in history) were followed by the Xers (smallest in US history), and it looks like that phenomenon was global!