Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday Strategery

Screw that "open Thanksgiving Day" noise, unless it's a restaurant and you don't want to cook.
My neighborhood buds who just let me have a 20# turkey @ 69c/# put this on my Facebook news feed, which got Galt-in-Da-Box into plan for ho-ho bargains mode, and this might be of help to you: Show up right before opening. Wait 15 minutes or so, for all the freaking Neanderthals willing to club each other to death for that $20 watch/$50 TV "while supplies last" deal to do so. Wade through after the carnage & score the deals! All things come to he who waits, and usually it's the really phat things missed by dumb mothafucks who hurry.
Remember, internet purchase is the big box retailers worst enemy, so they are more than willing to dicker and negotiate:
1. IF you have cash.
2. IF you are dealing with small, local businesses.
3. IF you negotiate with the owner, manager on duty or "people you know" who work there.
BTW, "while supplies last" is sales speak snake oil: There's more/better online and they restock the shelves after everyone leaves.

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texlahoma said...

I bypassed all that and went the internet shopping route, but my shopping list is short. The Mrs. hit the stores on Thanksgiving since we had ours on Saturday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.