Thursday, November 20, 2014

Republicans & QED

Congress and talk radio are bristling with GeOPapists throwing hissy-fits over Obama's unilateral immigration threats.
Rand Paul even donned cheap political theater grin and got on Faux News to sound off long and loud on the matter. With all this noisemaking going on, you might have been tempted to believe someone actually gives a fuck about it. You may have even, in an unguarded moment, forgotten a party with a majority in both houses has more than enough political power to stop "King Obama" from issuing a dreaded "imperial decree", or the GOP Establishment tradition of enabling their apparent competition whiles pretending to oppose them. In reality, the alleged "right" is hoping for a sacrificial lamb from the left: If Barry acts on immigration "reform" (read that SCUTTLING), they won't have to, and have something to beat the campaign trail with come 2016. Plus, they get more Papists in the country, more ignorant voters easily manipulated by The Whore and more rope-a-dope fascism.
It's business as usual, how sausage is made at Papistocracy Funny-farm!

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