Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Red Sea...

...or a graceful Stay Of Execution.
Whatever you call it, the GeOPapists have been mercifully granted one last chance to rediscover American exceptionalism (individual liberty as defined by the Bill of Rights) and crawl out of the back pockets of the Vall$chtreet Veldt$taaters. Here at CFN, it's sincerely hoped that's what happens, but Galt-in-Da-Box ain't holding his breath, based on their track record. Even ElRushbo admitted the Republican Party doesn't know what to do with power once they have it, nevertheless there are some encouraging signs - some GREEN FLAGS Flying Over GOPher country include:
*A deathly quiet on the fave GeOPapist BULLSHIT ISSUE uber alles, Abortion, during the campaigns.
*"My bitch Mitch" McCONnell actually endorsing Rand Paul for President, instead of shitting on him as usual.
*Minimal saber-rattling (at least for now).
If they have not wised up, the new Congress is atleast playing its cards close to the chest.
We watch and pray!


texlahoma said...

Yeah, may God grant them the wisdom to find their ass with both hands!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That may be asking too much, Tex:
Trey Gowdy, firebrand of the Benghazi investigations, has announced a House-wide mum on Impeachment of the most anti-constitution President to ever sit in the cherry blossom throne.
If voting changed anything, they would ban it!