Sunday, December 14, 2014

300+ Pounds Of It

A longtime acquaintance whose career has soared, along with his wife's weight and temper, is in the process of jettisoning the ballast - an all too common happenstance for us Xers.
Fortunately, Galt's Gulch has not followed the last 50 years of femin$tazi fa$cism into the shitter, so he'll keep what's his, including his kids. All indications suggest there was a pre-nup in place or she was abusive (a very common trait of gunt-bearing femin$tazi) or some combination thereof, so most things will break his way. That is ALSO Not the norm for the nation - perhaps a major factor in this study:

As Vox Day says, Most PEOPLE Are Idiots. They have to be, if they can't figure out that the best way to ruin a friendship is to move in with that friend. I figured it out at 7, when phrases like "I DON'T NEED SOME GODDAMNED MAN TO SUPPORT!!!" started finding their way regularly into my mother's vernacular, and women started dressing, acting and fucking like men, while demanding absolute worship by them. Another Moment of Deceit came and went with Pat Snider, of whom I've told you numerous times, but when I was informed by numerous girlfriends who claimed to "love" me that my requests that they sign a pre-nup before we even think about marriage were "mysogenistic", Galt-in-Da-Box started figuring out there really were no "family values" any longer (if they actually ever existed), just high-priced whoredom of the Kim KHAZAR-DOUCHEian variety, and men brainfilthied with the guilt-trip of "sacrifice for the common good" from the cradle, willing to put up with the grotesque, life-sucking expense.
Yes, there are families and marriages, but few of them are happy, or even pleasant when you look under the hood at how the thing operates!

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