Thursday, December 25, 2014

Obligatory Christmas Post

It's all over but the eggnog nightcap!
We've been building toward this at least a month now, and most the hot air left the balloon when the wrapping paper hit the floor, and you hoped they put the receipt in with the gift. That's why I play it safe and just buy cards from the places friends shop. The song says "There's no place like HOME for the holidays", and it's true. Galt-in-Da-Box will go out with, or to friends' houses for dinner if an invitation is extended, but the prime time is a solo flight. Family? A "look in" from afar is usually best. Maybe an anonymous card. "Momma's Family" was a good sitcom, in real life, not so much in real life. Not at all, in fact. 
My traditions are simple: Start preparing for the next one once the current one's over. If you put the decorations up at all, shoot for just before Christmas & take them down the night of New Year's. Give a little something to the nearby neighbors. Collective gifts best for the department at work. Always good quality beef for Christmas dinner. Christmas breakfast consists of Kirkland Signature Fruitcake (marinated in Malibu rum for 24 hours ahead of time) & Columbian Supremo coffee. This year blest with a length of venison jalapeƱo cheddar summer sausage, so there were "meat cookies" and Cabernet for lunch...and ALWAYS Mannheim Steamroller's "An American Christmas" on the radio all day.
Slight variations creep in every year, but by and large, we hold this pattern. What do YOU do for the holidays, especially Christmas?
Speaking of which, get ready for a big gift from CFN this New Year's eve!


billy pilgrim said...

and a merry fucking xmas to you.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Hey Leo, glad you stopped by!
Hope you have a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tomorrow.
Many thanks, again.