Thursday, January 8, 2015

A New Day

For freedom of self-expression worldwide.
Yesterday a trio of religious elitists went on a murdering spree - not unlike a tiny but wealthy, self-righteous minority that has been manipulating US into police actions for 15 years now - and were quickly put down by police in France (ANOTHER gun-grabbing, Agenda 21 $chtaat, whose journalists paid the ultimate price for that ignorance). Many here are shocked and silent. Others have ginned up the Khazakh jingoism about "9-11!!! WAR ON TERROR!!! BOMB-BOMB-BOMB, BOMB-BOMB IRAN!!!" Still the majority look the other way, conditioned after DECADES of Politically Correct brainfilthying, they have no right to express themselves about anything, lest they be accused by Progressive KHAZAri$tocracy of being "bullies/mysogenists/racists"/place radical leftist label dujour here.
The fanatics opposing funny-mental-ist Muslims are no different than they are, the only difference being that they use debt-enslaved political power & the corporate media they own to engage in acts of terrorism worldwide, rather than machine-guns against journalists in Paris.
Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to issue a personal challenge:
The next time you encounter an incident where some fat, blond, ski-ramped-nosed, ugly femin$tazi is browbeating someone (usually a man) for speaking his mind, accusing him of "bullying" for calling her fat, ugly, bagel-munching daughter fat and ugly, when She IS - IN FACT - Fat & Ugly - on Facebook, Twitter or in real life - SPEAK UP. Take the side of the truth-teller! Demand the Khazar-Papist COMMUNIST Whiners take their bullshit show down the road, and preferably, back to their stolen "land of promise"! Maybe even back to KHAZAKHstan where they belong.
In the Constitution, we have something called the first amendment. It protects freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. Quite frankly, it does not place religion above reproach, as so many mind-numbed, salvation-by-WASP-CULTure preaching robots insist it is. There are no limits, exceptions, nor again asterisked legal Mumbo-Jumbo disclaimers - as much as the Soroses & Feinsteins of the Econo-Political lending and ruling classes wish they did. These war-monging, war profiteering bastards need to be reminded there are more of those they live off of thoughtlessly, than there are of them. They need someone to get in their face. They need to be told to fuck off - in those words precisely - and why. We've been bulshined by these gainsaying hucksters to "accept the things we cannot change". I assert it's well past time to start changing these things which we should never have accepted to begin with!!!
Free speech deserves a new day in the American sun, and there's no better way to start!


billy pilgrim said...

we have plenty of free speech, you're exercising it right now.

but don't ask me to pay for police protection of some asshole editor who wants to reprint the cartoons to increase circulation and make a few extra bucks whilst pretending to be some kind of hero.

texlahoma said...

Your brainwashing hasn't gone well at all.
You are suppose to forget all about the constitution, turn in your guns and hide under the bed.
Obama and Feinstein hope there aren't many more like you!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Guilty as charged, Tex. I never played the game as Howard Cosell said, because the only difference between a brown-nose and a shithead is depth of penetration.