Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Game Hype

An empty wagon rattles the most, and that's never more evident than today.
Some topics the Papi$t talking heads will NEVER bring up during the 24-hour, well-leveraged blatherfest going on now are
*The number of current players who will never see retirement age.
*The amount of taxpayer money scammed out of various locales for corporate-named stadiums to keep NFL teams from pulling a Mayflower truck up in the middle of the night and bailing out.
*The possibility of a link between head injuries, ALS & other neural function diseases the players get.
*The humongous price tag on the TV spots, let alone financing the full day's gab preceding the rigged game.
*Will BelliCHEAT & pretty-boy Tom ever see any consequences, regardless of how many tricks they pull, or is the Khazakh fix in for good.
*How many ignored fowls & questionable ref calls it takes to get a shitty coaster team to the top of the pyramid over teams with better talent from fly-over country.
No doubt you have more than a few topics that will likely not see the light of day about various aspects of the National Felony League, so feel free to bring them up here!


texlahoma said...

Sounds like you hold the NFL in about as high regard as I do.

It's refreshing to hear someone that is reality based enough to know the whole thing is dirty and rigged.

Their anti-gun propaganda and "teach your children to give your life to the military" crap gets old real fast.

Too bad more people don't spend as much as I do on pro-football, they would go broke overnight.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The longer you live, the more you can't help noticing how Fucking FAKE The world is!