Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ex Post Valentinia

THIS ONE Is For ALL The Dudes out there who just wasted a perfectly good evening WHINING because you didn't have a date:
Why are you So UNAPPRECIATIVE Of your freedom!?
DO NOT Wait Until you have vow-coupled yourself to a psychopath or closet sociopath, and are looking back at yesternight in lamentable longing to realize that "significant other" isn't...
Don't wait til you've popped out a couple kids with her, til all her weakness is "YOUR FAULT!!!", til the dark and ugly time when whining, drama and bullshit are a DAILY Part of - not only YOUR Permanently Fucked-Up life, but those of kids who aren't merely innocent bystanders but entrenched prisoners of it - to WAKE THE FUCK UP & Want To Live
This is NOT a dress rehearsal, this Is IT:
The One Life you get!
That goes for bitches too, especially the chicks who never leave the couch unless it's to cash their welfare check; the gestating femin$tazi somewhere between cutting off all your hair and putting on 100 pounds, the brain-filthied Papist who FEEEEEELS it's some kind of moral obligation to crank out illegitimate children she can't afford to support - the "bored", bullshiTVision-addicted dames who can't afford a car but always have the latest cell phone, currently bitching about &/ blaming those kids or the latest deadbeat they're fucking for their situation:
Get over yourself, darling.
There's a whole world out there in a titanic universe, that - contra the jingoism you were fed growing up - not only doesn't revolve around you nor worship the ground you walk on...DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT!
Upset nobody took you out last night?
What did you do to attract an offer?
I mean a SERIOUS offer from someone with a life, not Vinny " the Big Knife" Machete or some Johnny Reb from the trailer next door.
Most likely NOTHING.
Like my mom, you were indoctrinated to EXPECT Everything handed to you, simply because of a hole between your legs. When that doesn't happen, by damn you DEMAND Worship, and go on a tyrade til it's surrendered. Read this closely Ms. Andry: You are getting what you gave!
Your environment is a merciless mirror of who, and more importantly WHAT you are!!!
If you do not like what you have, you must improve what you give off. Life only "happens to" LOSERS!

You will always get what you want, so make certain what you want is worth having.


BBC said...

You have made some good points....

texlahoma said...

A very wise man once said:
"Women, they all have snakes in their head."