Saturday, February 28, 2015

On Growing Up

Adulthood is becoming a rare to lost art.
Too many people have been conditioned by the system to be lifetime toddlers; dependent individuals; constant seekers of thrills, entertainment, distraction, drugs, perversion or the approval of others. This is the chewy bullshit center of many of our common issues. When a human being operates in this abnormal, unnatural mode, he or she will be unproductive and noncontributing most of their lives!
With children, it's understandable. Babies are cute, but when they're old enough to walk and talk, they are expected to continue the learning and maturing process to the point they are capable of independence, self-reliance, and producing more than they consume. Just this week I encountered three people lost in the realm of immaturity: The first was a 70 year old chick who practically demanded everyone else pay for her healthcare. The second was a fairly well-developed in most ways lady, who couldn't see that wearing her heart on her sleeve was her undoing! The third was an even younger man of the same persuasion, still living with mom in his late 20s. These are the better cases!
Others in the same category include dopers, drunkards, fagits...just about ANY Variety of non-thinking individual seeking someone or something other than themselves to rely upon, and therefore of course blame for the consequences of their lack of maturity.
The crutch for these motivational cripples may vary, but that end result is the same: If YOU are unfortunate enough to be the object of their alleged "affections" you will be the object of their wrath! This is why I intentionally and deliberately disassociate from anyone who constantly asks me for money, a place to stay, cosigning a loan, etc. You cannot help others who do not want to be helped, but want to drag you into their drama. Sorry, but a lack of reason, planning or self-discipline on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.
Not surprisingly, these are also the people who are, or are most likely to WHINE About "social justice/income inequality/women's rights" etc.
Not. Even. Trying. To hear that shit! ~ just as most of them don't like this message. The real crisis in America is NOT a lack of empathy, or altruism (as the Jewsmedia would have you believe, ironically for their own selfish interests)'s a Lack Of BACKBONE. Everything and everybody Is NOT " their own way". WINNERS are beautiful. Achievers are beautiful! SUCCESS is beautiful!!! And it makes those who have it attractive to others.
If you want someone to care about you, you can attract them by caring about yourself!


sad king billy (pilgrim) said...

adulthood is over rated. have fun while you're young because middle age and old age can be rough.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I never expected to live to see today...Hell, I never expected to live to see 30!
It happened ANYWAY, Largely because the scare-tactics & fear-mongering of authoritarian government indoctrination turned out to be lies, and once my mind was liberated from that prison, I started thinking for myself.

texlahoma said...

Sounds like they want sprinkles, but sprinkles are for winners.

texlahoma said...

Yeah, a guy at work was talking about
his 16 year old son's problems, like not wanting a job, this and that and I thought about a lot of adults that have the same problems. Seems like they stop maturing at about 16.