Sunday, February 22, 2015

Persona Non Grata

If you are going to "school" me, You BETTER know WTF you're talking about, or you're history!
Galt-in-Da-Box WILL smoke you out and call your bullshit. There's nothing I despise more than a physician of no value; an hypocrite who claims to have all the answers and you find all their "answers" boil down to empty-headed emotionalism laced with "DON'T!!!"s & "IF YOU DON'T!!!"s; alleged "leaders" who are nothing but camp-followers and bleating shepherds. The world is full of such phonies! Do you marvel that I rant and rail against politics? Wonder no more.
Lincoln is reported to have said "Public office is the last resort of the incompetent", and on further review (looking beyond and "under the hood") of "the official (BULLSHIT) story", he would have known from experience. We live in an age where "trust, but verify" has to be your lifestyle to keep from fucking up your life. Show me the dude that "just gotz ta take it bah FAITH, Brother" and I'll show you a Fucking LOSER. There are several reasons for my assertion, the majority based on practical experience, that one must vette one's mentors:
Jerry Fallwell.
Jim Bakker.
Jimmy Swaggart!
Need I say more?
I wasted a year of my life on a so-called "outreach" program that was actually nothing more than a multi-level marketing scam, under the diligent tutelage of a religious bureaucrat who clearly never had an original thought in his life, was wholly subservient to a second-hander Johnny-Reb of the inherited wealth, dumb-jock-for-JEEZU$$$ persuasion, all under the guise of "helping others is the key to helping yourself"...The altruist fairytale! The only thing I learned from it was that altruism covers much more vanity and egotism than actual selfishness ever could dream of. Fast-forward a few years to an employer who - typical to his Papist background - believed he could borrow his way to success while workfaring government cronies. To avoid murdering the arrogant, ignorant fucking redneck, I moved on. Choose your teachers well. All talk and no brains motherfuckers like those just described are useful only as "mark and avoid" material/samples of "what it is NOT." Claiming to know or believe something is quite ubiquitous, those who can prove they know by what they do, not so much: Find those successful at what you want to do and follow their lead. Spend time with them and pick their brains - watch how they operate and build their examples into your plan. There's a point at which no amount of research and study can help, and that is where you have to find a living, breathing blueprint...
The rest can just be shown the door!

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