Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Proposed Compromise

Toward a REAL tripartite society.
Galt-in-Da-Box has been meditating long and hard on this. American CULTure - thanks to spiritualism, socialism and the authoritarianism they breed - is top and bottom heavy with looting, mooching welfare-whining ne'er-do-wells who, perfectly able-bodied and talented though many of them may be, lack the willingness, intelligence or BOTH to make it in life without momma's apron string.
Tom Leykis recently proposed free birth control, including abortions, for the poor after pointing out this Washington Post article, which all got me rethinking and reverse-engineering the whole social programs issue. Of the three most objectionable practices of government (Workfare State, Warfare State & Welfare State), the welfare state still turns out to be the least, so why not orientate things thusly: let all social programs be available to anyone who wants them provided they sign a waiver to all their Bill of Rights! Why should they keep something they obviously never intend to use? On the other end of the scale, let incompetent CEOs & BanKHAZAR$ loot as much as they want to, on the conditions it cannot be in cash, it must be on public record and they have to pay an 84% INCOME TAX WITH NO DEDUCTIONS! They also cannot allocate said funds in a personal tax shelter or a not-for-profit organization in which they hold office or are associated with in any way other than as a donor. Legal settlements, insurance benefits, inheritances and other tax-exempt payments to individuals making $1M/year+ would ALSO fall into this category. At the same time, automating the bureaucracy & phasing out Union-labor "double-dippers" of public pensions would also be implemented. Want a brass ring? You'll get it, alright...shoved right up your ass!!!
Be careful what you wish for!

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texlahoma said...

Works for me, especially the 84% tax with no deductions!