Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chickenhawks And China

Good "kinetic military actions" are getting hard for the Washington Papistocracy to find. 
Wth Putin unwilling to feed their vanity, fags like Ms. Lindsay and Bitch McCONnel have turned their attention to making excuses to stir some shit with China. Those railing against "Chinese communism" in and outside the beltway need to realize we have almost the same thing here: 
We elect puppets who have already been selected to run for office by banKHAZAR$ & the funding they provide. 
Most of US already know Fascist Bush and Socialist Clinton will be the candidates in 2016, along with whoever ALSO goes along with Agenda 21 & the one-worlder bullshit of the UN. 
The Bush'bama Regime has shredded the Bill of Rights and advanced more fascism & socialism here in the last 15 years, while Russia and China have basically abandoned much of those policies, seeing how they fail to work long term, and lead to revolution.
Political correctness & "hate speech" regulations are doing away with the First Amendment. 
The Patriot Act (civil asset forfeiture, indefinite detention) got rid of the Fourth - without which the Second and Third are basically toilet paper also, as well as most of the Fifth. Police brutality has killed more American citizens than the Iraq war...and still you want to complain about China? 
Dare I mention how Comrade-0, Papa Frank & the ZIOmedia are making failure to worship the Earth bitch (environmentalism/global warming alarmism) the new original sin, by which you are guilty til proven innocent & worthy of death?
I seriously wonder if the frog hasn't been boiled, and the reason so many of my fat, lazy, happily RX-doped-up fellow Americans can't wake up is because they are - spiritually & mentally - graveyard dead.


sad king billy (pilgrim) said...

who is papa frank?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That old cocksucker atop the Papist pyramid in Rome.