Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tired Of Living?

Try this on for size!
Actually, DON'T: Gargling with sulphuric acid, tap dancing in a minefield or good, old fashioned putting a hand-grenade in your mouth and pulling the pin would likely be quicker, less painful and more intelligent means of qualifying for a Darwin Award.
Mexican National Sovereignty Law is N0 motherfucking joke. They can, will and would absolutely enjoy kicking your ass til it was so far up between your shoulder blades you have to remove your shirt to take a shit. Unlike lefTARD Khazakh-owned criminal paradises like the USA, EU & Australia, Mexico and most points Central and South American have arduous ways of dealing with law-breakers, especially if they are "gringos". They laugh at our effeminate, "progressive", permissive political correctness with justified impunity:
A nation that will not protect and defend itself isn't really a nation at all.

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