Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thus History Repeats

Authoritarians left & faux-"right" are now singing the old song of "some people need to be disarmed for the common good".
Leading the Veldt$chtaat chorus choir on this tune is Donald Trump (who many imagined to be AltRight conservative before the Orlando Pulse False Flag, but who has joined his master KILLary, Fein$tein, $chumer & other bagel-munching Bol$hevik traitors in calling for privilegizing the Second Amendment.
And of course privilege is something Roth$child rugrat$ know a great deal about. After all, they kept black people disarmed and enslaved for centuries & forbade the right to American indians until the beginning of the last century while mass-murdering them.
Ask yourself which demographic owns the most guns in America and you'll discover who the target is this time, all claims to the contrary aside!
The U.K. shows it's not yet too late to wake up - not beyond possibility to roll back the Khazar-Papist cabal's lust for absolute power: Nigel Farage capped off the UKIP Brexit win by daring to question the KHAZARi$tocracy's "kneejerk" disarmament of British citizens. Much can be gained from this lesson!
We have a choice to make really: Stand up for our rights, or abandon them and become subjugated - not by external dictators, but by false promises of endless handouts, bread and circuses that have been and always will be arbitrarily distributed by favoritism & fiat.
"A man aught to make a complete wreck of his life by his own actions than submit to the will of the most benevolent and well-meaning dictator."
 ~ Victor Paul Wierwille

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