Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election Day Takeaways

My guy lost - I'm one of the Libertarian faithful.
The night would have been much better if 1. There had been a Libertarian landslide, 2. George $oro$ & his BU$Hevik puppets would have joined 0beyme in offing themselves because of it, and 3. I could have celebrated all this with an half gallon of Canadian Supreme & some budd.
All that being said, the Trump Cockblock achieved the desired results: it kept that goddamned murdering K-AP bitch out of power and her claws off SCOTUS.
BanKHAZAR & it's JEW$media minions are already signaling ANOTHER Manufactured recession - like the ones inflicted by them in 1928, 1982, 1987, 2001 & 2008 when Republicans were in charge.
Don't hold your breath in anticipation of a border wall, HITLERy conviction nor any other campaign promises...if you're over 50, you already should know why. The rest will figure it out as they go along.
An America awakened to the consequences of KHAZARi$tocracy responded appropriately, now it must stay awake!
We have NOT "saved the republic" as many AltRights would claim, we have been mercifully granted a stay of execution, and must win the appeals court battles of undoing a century of Ko$$ack tyranny.
Identity played a major role in the Trump win: A shrinking majority of white goyim America made a stand, much similar to the battle of little big horn was for American natives. Let us pray and believe it was not our last stand!
Putin and Russia were a Goebbels-Award winning JEW$media distraction. It was Assange's WikiLeaks & the internet that goyimAmericans relied on more than anything for information and rallying point for this major counteroffensive. The lies and propaganda from mediaWHORES on the heels of this are going to get worse, not abate. 
George W. Bush's endorsement KILLED the Clinton campaign! Everything else flowed from that, like blood from a fatal wound.
If anyone on the winning side believes they can slack off now & the Khazar-Papist cabal will roll over and die, they are delusional. Rust, corruption and collectivism never sleep, let alone die!
Would all the Hellyweird perverts & celebrities who threatened to leave the USA if Donald Trump got elected kindly shut the fuck up, pack your shit and depart in peace?
Finally, to all the "Tom Leykis Libertarians" who TALK SHIT for 2 years, then drop their Pom-poms, run home to Momma Rome & vote Democrat on Election Day, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!!!" very much. How's that strategy workin' for ya? LP has become a nihilistic atheist gathering place unfortunately, as is plainly seen from the way bagel-munching Bol$hevik$ are beginning to float to the top. Perhaps if you were actually dedicated to something beyond the glutting of your own lusts, you would win. 
The Founding Fathers put their lives, fortunes & sacred honor at risk, and Galt-in-Da-Box was literally preparing for rebellion until the election results became final...We watch and wait for indicators all this is something other than well-played political theatre, as da field niggaz may get to elect new house niggaz every fo yeahz, but Massa BanKHAZAR still be in powah, completely untouched.
The struggle for Liberty is a never-ending one, and this was a minor skirmish with a thumbnail victory.

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