Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Holiday Wind-down

will be "Thanks-mas/Christ-giving" with sis & family, after numerous hurdles & obstacles.
Galt-in-Da-Box gives thanks where due: for this miraculous year coming to a close. The Cubs World Series win was a sign of great things to come. Trump's win and Castro checking out may be just the beginning of greatness!
One of those things is our return to the blog on a more regular basis: Facebook is an awesome place to post cat pictures; for ski-ramp nosed blondie to shrike about her ex-boyfriend or husband, and for Kike Khazarberg to kick you out if you talk about anything else. Twitter offers all the advantages of "sit-on-my-Facebook" with none of the politically correct soap opera. YouTube is an untapped resource the potential of which we've yet to explore. Will also be back on amateur radio (KB5CTO) as comic relief.
Having been monitoring his activities since Election Day, the consensus at CFN is that the win took the Donald by complete surprise, to which he may not have completely adjusted, but to which time and tide in general & the first 100 days in particular will tell if he really is a citizen legislator, or another Khazar pawn.
Our last day off of four and its attendant duties beckon.

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