Sunday, December 25, 2016

Birthdays, Christmas & Renewal

One of the many great things about today is its position on the calendar:
Right after longest night of the year. Just before end of the year! We get a chance to share AND enjoy the fruits of our labor, and to begin again. I look out on the foggy road ahead and am just thankful it appears to lead upward for the first time in eight years.
There's much work to do, but that's nothing new. Can't get anywhere without it! Atleast there's the hope that it won't be in vain.
There's a new social media on the block called and apparently the desire to move out of Facebook is so widespread they need a waiting list to accommodate the demand. We're going to maintain a presence in Zuckerberg's reich, but only for adding links to elsewhere & soft lines.
As I'm on call from work, "Jesus' birthday (observed)" has been pretty low-key - no diving head-first into vats of Maker's Mark or anything. The real activity was yesterday, with visitations & hanging out with friends who are like family, and more than family in many instances. 
This year has been a tough one: We've had to say goodbye to many along the network that were thought of as pillars! Some vanished into thin air, others left on their own or had to be asked to leave. Then there's the contingent of adult-appearing humanoid units that can't stand any view beyond their protracted perspective, with whom reason & negotiation are wasted; who stamp their feet and scream or start throwing their own poo if confronted with facts that contradict their emotionalism-laden blind faith, on whom Galt-in-Da-Box had to slam and lock the door. Add to this the seemingly endless line who cashed in their chips - hardest to bear being Anton "Bobby Garfield" Yelchin, taken away too soon.
Yet out of all this weakness we've been made strong, and more importantly, awake. The tide is turning and rising toward Liberty, and it's the tyrants & their sycophants who are feeling the weather! A week lies ahead for observing errors that they may be avoided going forward and planning for future success.
Let's make the most of it and be reborn with not merely the new year, but each day of it!

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