Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Golden Calf

John Kerry reportedly suffered a moment of clarity before the UN General Assembly, telling the useless collection of oxygen thieves everything they already knew about "the Mistake on The Med" while offending Americans who've been in denial for over half a century.
This may well have been some queer form of Mea Culpa for the Papi$t fossil, as he - like most upper echelon mackerel snappers - has been very well paid to laud New Khazakh$tan to the skies for most their careers, and a sign that Agent Orange sees the Retirement finish line only a few more hobbles away (we dare to hope). The dissertation focused on Israel's "settlement agenda" (Bing/Google "manifest destiny" for details on how this works) and the right-wing extremism of the Likud Party in general & PM Whatayahoo in particular.
To hear the neocon right-wing talk radio idiots rattle on suprecilioously about it, you would swear we just nuked Jerusalem & threatened HELLaviv itself, but the only other action Obammunists took was abstaining from a vote on another worthless non-binding resolution condemning Israeli policies that thwart a two-state solution. 
In other words, political theatre.
Americans will continue to be robbed to send money and military aid to a largely atheist, utilitarian, fa$cist regime where Palestinians aren't even considered second-class citizens, but goy uzveks to be exterminated, because it's only authoritarian dictatorship when non-Khazars do it.

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