Friday, December 9, 2016

The WHINE cellar

Galt-in-Da-Box generally save this kind of post for the day after the Super Bowl when a lot of sniveling BLAMEstorming is going on about why Team X lost & how everyone/everything other than Team X is at fault, but it applies to politics this time as well.
The infantile butthurt over election results continues to-date unabated - not from Hillary Clinton, who much to her credit, saw the handwriting on the wall and bowed out, but Jill Stein, who never had a hope of winning and finished behind Gary Johnson at the election finish line long after all others had crossed it. Stein represents the lunatic fringe left, whose antics the last 8 years constituted major deadweight around the Clinton campaign's ankles that it didn't need, considering the Obama admin & personal baggage she was already carrying.
CFN told Liberty lovers last month that resting on our laurels was an inappropriate response to the Trump win. If Stein's hysterics, BLM protests, "not my president" bullshit and other end-of-the-world, toddler bawling isn't evidence enough, the sore losers have Hellyweird rolling out a sure-to-flop, gun grab political flick today glorifying every major reason the weakness-mongering side of the aisle wound up with a shlong up its bohuncus when the votes were all counted. The rabid left zombies never learn, are not going away, and are likely to become more dangerous than ever if the GeOPapi$t$ do like they've done before by failing to lead decisively since 1989.
Alt-Right must press the fight hard, expose even more of the KHAZARocRAT Party's corruption, and help move a still squishy Republican contingent of spineless quislings & compromisers away from faux-conservative communists like Bloomberg...Who's money is doubtless bankrolling the Miss Sloane theaTRICKal disaster.

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