Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration Post Mortem

Have you noticed how much inaugurating a new president is like the Super Bowl?
It's 90 minutes of action surrounded by 24 hours of hype! Galt-in-Da-Box hope that Donald Trump & the "Deplorables" are not counting on everything settling down to a gentle, easy ride, because all indicators are that shit is not gonna happen. The JEW$media will lie more often, not less...because they've been getting away with it for years without opposition. Barack Obama is quite likely to be their most beloved fixture, anointed by $oro$ to lead the disloyal opposition at every turn.
One good thing that may come out of all of it is Republicans that finally learn to hold their leaders' feet to the fire. We've had eight years of proof that hero worship sucks, and produces horrible results. The last thing on earth the political class needs now is a new bumper crop of starry-eyed swooners enamored by big name and ego to the point they turn off their brains and agree to more war, instead of ending it. The KHAZARi$tocracy will be pushing for expanded war and more handouts for Israel.
One of the more disturbing developments out of a Trumpated Washington is talk of replacing 0bamacare instead of getting rid of fascized medicine entirely. It's much easier to elect politicians who talk about shrinking the welfare state than it is to elect ones who actually will. Add to that the pervasive influence of the actual government: The debt-merchants at FedRes & on Wall $treet - it's hard to imagine they are going to let go of their latest boondoggle quickly or without protest, since they fund & therefore, control just about everything.
It aught to make for 4-8 years of interesting political theatre!

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