Saturday, January 14, 2017

Moment Of Clarity

David Icke was practically an household name at one point in his life...
Then he woke up, saw the elephant in the living room & quit talking spiritualist foolishness long enough to do this video about the dark heart of globalism:

And was almost never heard of again!
The dirty little secret about the so-called World Stage is, you don't stay there if you lose your distraction or disinformation value, and the worst way to do that is start telling the truth. The more deceitful or provocative you are, the bigger you get - it's how media diverts attention of the SHEEPle from the UEMFs living off of them and leading them to slaughter.
In its course here, he brings up the all-important distinction between Zionism & Judaism and shines the light on Hebrew activists trying desperately to stop the grotesque overreach of the greedy, atheistic, nihilistic & apathetic Roth$child KHAZARi$tocracy.

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