Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nine More Days

And then reconstruction!
Does what's left of Goyim-America have the guts for it? We'll find out shortly!
Over the last 21 months Galt-in-Da-Box has made some disturbing discoveries about white countries in general & the USA in particular: Far too many Germans, English, Australian, Canadian & American gringos are in love with their own demise! We monger for bigger government, more welfare, Papi$t militarism/interventionism, irrelevant environmentalism & egalitarianism. Conservatives, as well as liberals! There is something seriously the matter with our moral compass as a race, and it has developed radically over the last century.
We seem to have forgotten that, while fortune may favor the bold, nature favors the strong.
It's my hope that this trend starts reversal as The Third Great Awakening moves onward - there is simply no room for compromise. You and I must push even harder now that progress is our responsibility, and in our direction!
What looks or "FEEEEEEL"s good must yield to what is right. That which is perverted must be abandoned for what is straight & normal. Those seeking sinecure must be forced off the government payroll. Education must become once more the seeking of truth, instead of the manufacture of excuse & self/mass deceit it has been - and privatized. Want to win the imaginary "drug war"? Abandon it: Let the fog of doperism envelop and devour the willfully ignorant that seek it. Want to win the small, real part of the war on terror? Follow Thomas Jefferson's guideline and let every citizen become a soldier (in the 21st Century, that means armed!)
We have oft been told by the backward-collared communists of Rome that "we're such a wealthy nation" followed by endless altruistic demands, so that they might buy their way into heaven at public expense. Let's focus that wealth on putting Americans back to prosperous work, instead. We have also heard of them of old, that "what's good for corporations is good for America!" Let these Vall$chtreet Veldt$chtaater$ PROVE their Claim by returning to our shores & employing our people. Among the more unfortunate of my discoveries is that much that is called Libertarian is actually KHAZARocRAT in drag. Let's have the freaking agates to get honest & on principle; to quit kowtowing to the Roth$child rugrat$ in preference to the Constitution; To once, for all and completely abandon the fairytale of "Semitic" Ru$$ian$ & "godschosen" atheists and take up the Bill of Rights as exclusively American, and therefore much more sacred!
Let us have the courage to not merely talk about American exceptionalism, but live and defend it!!!

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