Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Shrinking LIARarchy


Terrible things happen when spiritualism is allowed to trump reality!
This is purely conjecture on our part, but CFN's hypothesis is that PERVERSION may be a Major factor in the Roman CULT's leadership issues: First, you have polytheistic & earth/bitch-worshipping spiritualism in place of the One True God. Next, there's the heresy of celibacy (these lies from the pit of the nethermost hell are represented politically in our day as "global warming" and depopulation)...a more accurate title for Roman Catholicism would be DEATH-WORSHIP. A tertiary and culminating element is how these fear-based, egotism-driven dogmas - from antiquity - always lead to the same result: A lust after absolute power over others, and preferably everyone.
Even though it calls itself Christianity, you can see the parallels in spiritualism clear back to Babylon and forward to our modern CULTural Marxism - a FOOLosophy not surprisingly espoused by Pope Francis himself. Spiritualism always leads to collectivism & socialism, especially the earth/bitch-worshipping strain the Whore of Babylon fittingly represents.
On top of the unnatural reproductive dogma, priests are brainfilthied with a wide, self-contradicting, festooning polyglot of extra, un & anti-biblical heresies: God isn't personal, but a committee. His son is either a baby or a dead guy on a cross, equally unreachable and unknowable. Grace and mercy are luxuries doled out at the whim of the religious bureaucracy they are becoming a part of, and unattainable without bribery of some form. Thought and sex are the original sin, and one is always a sinner and constantly condemned into "acts of contrition" in "penance" for same, therefore forgiveness is never complete nor unconditional...
If it all sounds like enslavement, there's a good reason for that - IT IS! A terrific formula for keeping millions subjugated & manipulated, but not even a pale representation of the life of abundance and power the Bible actually teaches is available to the individual believer (Psalm 107:20, John 3:16-20 & 14:12, Romans 10:9&10, and Ephesians 1:1-11, to barely scratch a very broad surface). Those who would become its preachers need only master the art of living it, and they'll not want for eager listeners. Religion is the opposite of this, ever keeping those seeking the way distracted, deceived and divided violently against themselves.
The Word of God has no authoritarian, tyrranical political objective, but is geared toward setting the captive free.

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