Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mid-Life Crisis...

*NOTE: This is a replacement post for one with a broken, unretrievable link. After a lost weekend of searching, more important info came our way:*

...That's what they used to call it, anyway:
You wake up one day and realize it's half-time or thereabouts, and that you've been running in place or shuffling along in goosestep instead of thinking, planning & - most importantly, executing (a plan means nothing if it's not acted on). These points may help if you've recently found yourself in the bleachers instead of on the field - they are working for me:
1. Consider the possibility you have wasted half your life trying to live someone else's vision/"do what you SHOULD" according to hypocrite collectivists (altruism) instead of what you wanted.
2. Remember the goals you originally set for yourself when you were young, and get back on course - chances are excellent there's time left to achieve them. If you never did this, THAT is a big part of why you feel so lost now.
3. Remove yourself graciously from any associations that hinder your success (you're gonna find out those who CLAIM to love you the most are going to help you the least, and in many cases, work against you). GraceLESSLY, if need be.
4. Keep those close who help, and cherish every moment you have with them!
5. (Perhaps this should have been #1, or 2) SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVE From your home & work place things associated with bad memories, obsessions and other distraction.
Fortunately for me, my "mid-life crisis" largely passed before I fully realized what was going on, and part  of my recovery had to do with the fact I was never really meant to exist anyway, and had outlived many of the collectivist doom-and-gloom LIES I was taught were going to kill me.
Saving the best for last: There are N0 chemical solutions! This is about the time most adults get sucked into the gravitic whirlpool of pharmaceuticals, alcohol &/ narcotics. Alcohol wooed me, but I didn't want to ruin our fine working relationship with a DEATHtime commitment & cut back to savoring rather than showers.
You'll come through this, if you simply use your brain, realizing that you become what you think about!

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