Friday, April 28, 2017

Alt-Right Shift

Cause or effect?
If there's one thing we can learn from history - other than its the only creature that constantly repeats itself but is never heard - it's that we cannot trust ABCNNBCBS, FauxNew$ nor PM$NBC's PERversion of it. "Fake news" is more likely to be disseminated by the JEW$media than anyone on the Internet. After 8 years of white goy male heretic-bashing and 0bama-fellating, they got their ass handed to them last November and aren't through whining yet. The USA has reached a crucial point in its own history, where Americans are going to have to decide whether their borders, language, culture & identity are worth preserving, or if they want it all handed over to third-world fanatics too ignorant to write their own language, as has been the fate of Europe, thanks to multiCULTural, egalitarian, MONGRELIZATION of leftist Ko$$ack$.
We're also going to be making another crucial decision: Whether we're going to continue to be manipulated by hooked-nosed, pasty-white communists with Slavic surnames who have spent the last century trying to CON-vince US they are Hebrew. That's a big one, and it comes down to facts or dogma. The dogma has US supporting continuing genocide in Palestine & pitying the old-money filthy-rich. The facts say it's much more likely these atheistic, nihilistic, utilitarian leftists are killing "godschosen" people, then actually are them. Three-God-initarian Papi$t$ currently have US worshipping & financing the mass-murderers!
Upon our choice depends the future, not only of America, but how Americans live in the future: If you're alright with slaves and victims being made of the majority - with your grand & great grand children being forced to live in a society that resembles Gaza and Detroit for no other crime than being white - then simply continue giving your unthinking, obedient consent, because a backward-collared pederast told you it's "God's will!" If you have the courage & common sense to think outside the coffin-shaped box of the lies most agreed upon & written by their sycophants, then perhaps it's time for you to help Make America Great Again.
It's time to get back to individual liberty & responsibility, and to recognize that's NEVER Going to happen with Libertarian politics, nor any other form of liberalism...largely because the same corrupt Khazar-Papist cabal owns and runs both games.

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