Sunday, April 16, 2017

Clean Out America!

That's what it's going to take to make America great again.
The antifa Communists have proven it:

Vox Day is also continuing to report the ongoing episodes, tyrades & melees ensuing thanks to left-wing fanaticism and its Islamic fundamentalist-like extremism against Alt-Right's exercise of First Amendment rights:

Like the War Between The States, we did not start this, but it's high & past time to end it. This ain't your grandpa's Democratic Party, clones. That died in 1968 - probably earlier, with Kennedy's assassination & the rise of King JohnnyReb the 0nest (LBJ). The only way America lives through this century is a repudiation of Communism & words & media where possible and other means as necessary. Let the aggressor set the rules. When they bring a gun, reply with cannons.
"Mixed system" is a philosophy of the sheltered and ignorant. In any mixture of food and poison, poison eventually wins. So it is with the radical left, if not routed and driven into the sea!
You cannot mix liberty and slavery anymore than you can mix light and darkness.

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