Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Clarey Test

George Carlin passed it with flying colors...most politicians don't.

Aaron Clarey makes no claims of Papal infallibility, but this is a generally accurate guide to decent political leadership, and good friends as well. Scoring points on the Clarey Test is like getting a point on your drivers license: it's something bad! It breaks down like this:
Come from Old-Money/Filthy-Rich background? Get a point.
Went to college for a bullshit/frilly shit degree? Get ANOTHER point.
Never worked in the private sector? THIRD Fuckin' point!
Career politician? *long, Loud BUZZER, signaling a WRONG ANSWER*
Awwww, we're sorry! We were looking for a decent human being. Thank you so much for playing, though! Johnny will have some lovely consolation gifts for you as you leave the studio.
You want to score as absolutely low as possible. Zero points optimum, 4 is FAIL, like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Marine Le Pen & Donald Trump. The only politician I've seen pass the Clarey Test is...
Gary Johnson.
Which is not at all surprising!
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In summation, If you're a decent human being, you have no business in establishment politics.

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