Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Coloring Your World

Barack Obama spent two terms dismantling civil rights & race relations in the US with his anti-white hate, gun-grabber mentality & continuation of the Jew World Order-building George W. Bu$hevik started.
In honor of his work, Galt-in-Da-Box has added the Stuff Black People Don't Like blog to our Network Affiliates & a link where you can help expose the ongoing white genocide in South Africa. CFN will also be paying particular attention to the ongoing African invasion of Western Europe, brought to WestCiv by its enemies at BanKHAZAR & it's faithful sycophants in Brussels. 
We did not make geopolitics about identity. The radical left has been doing that for 40 years, and thereby created a crisis which can no longer be ignored - although that won't stop most Papi$t white goys from trying! This liberal denialism does nothing to change the facts nor obstruct the reality that millions of non-whites are being bought by welfare & brought into the west every year to serve the purposes of the Khazar-Papist cabal in turning US communist & the EUssr MORE Communist.
Anyone who FEEEEEELs that is a wonderful idea aught to take a closer look at Venezuela & an even closer look at this:

Agenda 21 is the perfect subversion vehicle. 
What it's multiCULTural, diversity-mongering dupes are going to do when they are minorities in their own countries & the imported moochers become looters & murderers as BanKHAZAR cuts off the Great KO$$ACK Credit Spigot after the bill arrives and the Papi$tocracy defaults can likely be answered in one word: DIE! The violence has already started in Paris & at UC Berkley. It will get out of control if Americans are stupid enough to let Der Holy Mother Ko$$ack$chtaat disarm them (look for the next effort to be pushed by Paul Ryan & similar CUCKservatines)!
The FAUXright is still playing the "0h YEAH? Well we can do that, TOO!" game with the communists. Most of the Republican Party are GeOPapi$t traitors like Jeb Bu$hevik, longing for another opportunity to move the chains for the Roth$child rugrat$. This genetic mutation started with Nixon and shows no sign of ending as long as the GOP has the Whore of Babylon's shlong in its yapper. If you regularly buy Republican, research the front-runners candidate by candidate to make goddamned certain that's what you are getting, the way savvy shoppers read ingredient labels - remembering that Papi$t=LEFTIST.
Yes it IS all about "identity politics" - IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN To Be Honest - and it's a game white American goyim better start playing again to win.

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