Monday, May 15, 2017

On Stiletto Heels...

...of one of the most gynocentric emotionalism laden days of the year, comes THIS Priceless gem:

The game is pretty much up. Motherhood is great, single motherhood - contra the newest establishment hasbara, designed to encourage more broken home dependency upon government - not so much!
There are plenty of tales I could tell, but having grown up at a time where most family males were expected to behave responsibly & were rewarded for doing so, I didn't think much about what was happening at the time. One accepts such things as they are, and when exposed to the toxic radiation of so-called nuclear families around one, grows to learn to be thankful for the good things. I also believed my situation to be the hidden-away norm, rather than the exception, having been raised in Vaticanism & noting that denialism is a huge part of dispensational religion and its toxic effect on society.
It's getting impossible to deny for much longer.

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