Thursday, May 4, 2017

Playing Captain Save-A-Ho...

...can get you fucking killed:

Now, you have to realize we're talking about Johnny-Reb country, people who were very likely not in the US legally & the drug CULTure. Factor Papi$t/WASP CULTure gynocentric brain-filthying into the equation, and dude didn't have - literally - a prayer in hell. Here was a man totally set up for his own destruction. The smart play would have been to call the cops. The smarter thing would have been to move along and mind his own business.
Rewind to another less-volatile episode in Galt-in-Da-Box's history: Old flame calls me up and explains her latest cross-country move to chase some dude she fell in love with on Facebook. She's ended up out in the middle of nowhere in some overpriced east-coast hellhole $chtaat...all this on the heels of prior info about a wonderful "home-based business" (for those who don't speak Hucksterism, that means MLM $cam) she's involved in. All this is a slowly-evolving pitch for me to drive across the country and rescue her from the consequences of her own emotionalism because "it's what a gentleman would do!!!" We didn't get that far, because for the first time in our many conversations, I made for a quick exit. Since that time, the old flame has vanished from the scene.
These situations are similar in that FSFM attention whores always have something they need to be saved from, usually created by their own poor choices. Entire non-profit, government-funded non-industries have evolved almost exclusively for the purpose of allegedly riding to their rescue! This makes our job much simpler in that we can refer to them when Ms. FeelSorryForMe shows up again like a stray kitty you were stupid enough to feed the first time.
I'll happily engage in some aspects of chivalry when there's obvious benefit involved (like say, moving something heavy for a lady at work) but major league idiocy like stepping in between Johnny & Jainy Reb when they're cat-fighting at the trailer park? Fuck no!!! The preferred trajectory in life is upward and over. It cannot be achieved with baggage. It certainly cannot be achieved by taking on the baggage of others. 
The devil-spirit realm via the Khazar-Papi$t cabal has "SHOULD!!!" all over the minds of men everywhere that they have an obligation to save the world from its own willful ignorance, and this presumption - thanks to third-wave femin$taziism & other lies they tell - is antiquated at best in our day and time.

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