Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Frilly Shit Deathstyles

An exciting career in tea-leaf reading!
That's about how much substance there is to most of the career plans the millennial generation has been sold. Or is that STOLEd? They saw some Ko$$ack on TV do it, want to make a lifestyle out of it, go hundreds of thousands in debt to get a master's or doctorate in it, and... lo and behold: They find themselves closing in on 30 and going nowhere like when they were 17. Somewhere along the line, somebody put that "follow your heart and the money will follow" horseshit-fly in their ear!
All this is a result of the majority of the poor bastards being raised by their boomer grandparents. They buy almost exactly the same fucking lies, never considering the fact those lies got grandma and grandpa nowhere! Tie-dye t-shirts and hippy music are excellent when you're a kid living off others thoughtlessly. They are not sustainable business prospects! 
Market functions primarily by supplying what the majority need and want: Primary Market items are Food, Shelter, Clothing, Healthcare & Transportation, while Secondary is targeted at people's WANTS & Desires: restaurants, music, movies, photos, video, collectibles, art, alcohol, drugs, sex. There's little to no market for the obsolete, with the rare exception of certain antiques. Doubt this? Look around and pay attention to what goes on in the world.
Thus we move on to "art" (read that FRILLY SHIT), which today's kids are gouging on like crack whores. Your painting, playing & pictures can wait: They are geared for the secondary market (things people want once their needs are met, or participate in for recreation) and for which most people are not prepared to pay very much. As with the Primary Market, those who make the most popular (valued) commodities can charge the most for them. There are a few who do that, more who make cheap imitations & copies, and the majority who waste their lives trying to get into these two upper tiers. Unless you have something unique to offer by the standards of the buying public & get noticed by the top tier who are the connections you need to mass-distribute it, you land in the third category - the ubiquitous "starving artist".
If that miracle happens, awesome! Congratulations...don't expect it to happen without bending over & grabbing your ankles, and even then, further ethical & moral compromises will be demanded. The best way to do what you want for a living is first as a hobby, then as a sideline, then develop it into a business as you head into retirement. Not everyone is equipped mentally & physically for this, but many are. Also, the Secondary Market suffers greatly during economic downturns, hence the emphasis on making it a secondary concern. Secondary Market is a very competitive one: You are vying for a patron's expendable income against many, many other options, and absolutely have to have something to offer that grabs the attention, peaks the interest & motivates the purchase. All the better if your product or service - like snack foods or restaurants - has a substancial foundation in the Primary Market on which to build.
Breaking out of the frilly shit deathstyle prison you've been sentenced to isn't easy but the person who follows their dream in this manner has the most to gain & the greatest probability of success.

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